Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vairagya (non-attachment), Samtosha (contentment) and the Sweetest Happiness

Following the last post a couple of people emailed me feeling that my view of the modern condition was overly pessimistic. In this blog, I am not trying to put my own views forward, but to present my understanding of the yoga darshana. I am not sure if I completely agree with all the conclusions which are presented, that is my work in progress.

The yoga and ayurveda shastra state that samadhi was once naturally experienced but is almost totally lost today because of the decline in our diet and habits. We may be very good at making sophisticated things, there have been many medical advances etc., but we are no closer to understanding how to be happy - because we are looking in the wrong place.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why yoga is therapy

"...three natural states of being, waking, dreaming, and deep sleep, occur in human beings as well as animals. These are natural states and usually require little or no training. However, for human beings alone, there is a fourth and most important natural state; it is the state of samadhi, yoga, or sahajavastha. The word sahaja means, endowed by birth, avastha, means, state. While this fourth state of mind is natural, it is present only when there is total balance and health in body and mind." *

Man seems to be the only creature that does not know its place in nature. Modern man is so riddled with dis-ease simply because of this. Our bodies belong to nature. They do not belong to us. Thinking that we own the body, we believe we can treat it any way we choose. It is true, the body shows incredible resilience to mistreatment but not without consequences - pain, sickness etc.