Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pain and Injury - further questions from Elise

What is the difference/similarity/benefit/purpose/meaning/etc of pain, soreness, opening, and injury?

The purpose of yoga is to overcome unnecessary pain - physical and psychological pain - and to become indifferent to it as it arises. Yoga is a means by which we learn to navigate our life and our bodies differently - so that we stop doing that which causes us to suffer. Whether these are mental patterns or physical symptoms - only we have the power to change them. Thankfully yoga provides us with many tools to achieve this.

The Lessons of the Yoga Sutras - further questions from Elise

After asking me about the Guruji book, Elise followed up with some other questions she had been pondering:

Do the lessons of the Yoga Sutras automatically come through practice without reading them?

Guruji felt it was very important to study yoga philosophy. Without study the aim of practice is likely to be misguided. In the Guruji book I asked Norman Allen:

"How far do you think the physical practice can take you?"